Sometimes life deals you a situation that can best be described as irony. This current round of the UCFBusiness Failure Competition experienced a failure on the part of the app we use to manage the voting for our finalists.  On Friday we were unable to account for what appears to be a significant number of votes and the vendor has FAILED to find those votes.

So we need to take a fallback position and move forward from this ironic failure.

I am going to give each of the finalists a letter of recommendation for their efforts and engagement. In addition, with the votes we can count, there is a razor thin difference between Logan Braun and Lisa Mazza, so each of them will receive $500. Also, my staff and I reviewed the YouTube videos and found that Hannah Durham far and away had the most views on her video, so I will be awarding her $500.

The UCFBusiness Failure Competition is designed to illustrate the important life lesson that we succeed only through a series of failures that teach us how to improve on our performance. My hope is that everyone that enters this event has an opportunity to see and experience that lesson.  Thank you to all the students who entered this year and a special thanks to our finalists for their perseverance and engagement.

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