Cameron, I think this Joust thing has Legs

Friday was the finals of this year’s Joust.  Although the Joust is sixteen years old, there were plenty of “firsts” at this year’s event.  It was the first time we had an entry from a rocket scientist. Our neighbors from the other side of the hallway came with two new toys: a low cost simulator and a nano-engineered product.  All in all, it was our most tech-intensive finals to date.  And then there was the economics student with an idea for a bra subscription service. She won our first ever audience favorite vote, while the boys with the simulation platform won the minds of the judges.

But the biggest story of this year’s Joust may have been the size of the audience.  We filled BA- 107, the entire atrium, and the Center for Entrepreneurship.  The later two venues saw the event via live streaming.  All in all, more than 450 students saw the Joust for the very first time.  It was our biggest audience by far and BA-1 was bustling .  As I explained to the attendees, success in the Joust requires students to embrace all of the qualities we want them to develop during their time with us: a willingness to get out of their comfort zone, take risks, collaborate with people from different disciplines and use real-time data to make decisions.  You can’t win the Joust or succeed in business without these traits.

Now that you have seen your fellow students in action young Knights, rise up and accept the challenge.  Get an idea, seek out some talented partners  (you know those people you are meeting at all of our events), start something, and visit the Blackstone LaunchPad now. Next year, it is your turn to Joust.

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