Get Me Some Iron Man

So unless you have been living in a cave, you probably saw the Robert Downey Jr., story where he appeared in character as Tony Stark and presented a young boy with a prosthetic arm created by some UCF engineering students. If you haven’t seen the story, click here.

With the semi-finals of the Joust, our business plan competition, fast approaching (It is this Friday), it occurred to me that Tony Stark would make a great judge for the Joust finals. He is a man who likes to live outside his comfort zone. He is an inventor, risk-taker and data-driven decision-maker. Okay, he needs to work on that whole “collaborate with others” thing, but face it: he’s got four of the five things we would want to see in a UCF entrepreneur. He should have graduated from UCF.

While Tony is here, he could tour the Launch Pad, invest in a few student ventures, see how we are bending the culture at UCF and become an ambassador for all we are doing. I’m not sure that our Joust can match the showmanship in a Tony Stark product launch, but if you give Tiffany a two-week head start, I like our chances of producing something that would meet his expectations. Who knows: the Joust might even serve as the backdrop for a scene in his next movie.

So people, let’s mobilize to get me some Iron Man for the Joust finals. Maybe Toby Crabel knows him and could extend an invite? Maybe a social media campaign with a clever hashtag? (#UCFNeedsIronMan.)   Maybe Grant Heston knows his publicist? We got 50,000 alums, surely someone’s got a connection we can use to get him to the Joust. Doesn’t Disney own Marvel Comics? George can you help us out?

This is the best idea I have had in a while. Besides, it’s the only way I am going to get my wife to this event (she inspired the title to this post) and I’m guessing it will give our efforts to promote entrepreneurship among women on campus a boost as well.

No, I’m not kidding….let’s make this happen.


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