Stop Endorsing Me!

Thanks to our professional development courses, my LinkedIn network has been growing by leaps and bounds.  So long as you are a #UCFBusiness student and have a well-designed profile complete with a photo, I will accept your invitation to join your emerging professional network.  It’s the least I can do for young Knights trying to project the right professional image from the get-go.

But in a growing number of instances, this is followed by an endorsement for some skill I allegedly possess: public speaking, education or leadership to name a few.  While flattering as these might be, I get an equal number of endorsements for things like “PowerPoint”.  Given my well-known dislike for PowerPoint presentations (I think it is the single worst thing ever to come to higher education), such an endorsement signals  people who know me that the endorser does not: Endorsing me for PowerPoint is a bit like endorsing Lonny for “subtle influence tactics”.  

Perhaps I’m just “old school”, but if I’m impressed by something you did, I will write you a note or a letter of recommendation (e.g., when you win the failure competition).  If you see me do something that catches your attention, drop me an email or better yet, stop me in the hall of BA I or II and tell me what you think. It will give us the chance to get to know each other better so we can skip things like PowerPoint endorsements.

One thought on “Stop Endorsing Me!

  1. Networking…whether social or in person…is about helping others satisfy their business and professional needs. Once you’ve worked with someone to do that, THEN you can endorse them for a skill they exhibited when your worked together. That way you’ll know Dean Jarley enjoys PowerPoint about as much as he enjoys lengthy, detailed, rambling explanations!

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