A “New” Failure Competition

Next to Rob Folger, Taylor Ellis may read more widely than anyone else I know. Dr. Folger is going to finish the entire internet some day soon, but no one sends me more articles than Dr. Ellis.

Just before break, he sent me this one entitled: A Different Approach to Failure with a note that said: “Just saw this and thought of the failure competition. May be a modification of just failing?”

I was intrigued and after reading the short piece wrote: “Yea that is a really good point. So, we need to modify the contest to talk about when someone tried something “new”, failed and what they learned from that failed new experience. I think that would be a very helpful modification to the contest. What do you think?”

His response: “Agree completely, failure for trying something new and taking a risk is not bad. Failure for not trying or incompetence, teaches you nothing.”

Dang, I thought: I have failed at my own failure competition. How could I have missed that incredibly important point. hmm..

And that is how the Failure Competition 2.0 was born. Look for its official unveiling in a few weeks.

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