An Early Xmas Present

Friday I tweeted that all I want for Xmas is a new, complete, fully-functional #UCFBusiness website delivered on time.

I still want that. Saturday though I got an early present in the form of an email from a recent graduate:

Hello Dean Paul Jarley,

My name is Tu Le and I am a recent graduate of the class of 2014 College of Business with a Bachelors in Finance. Thank you so much for allowing me to part of the College of Business Program. The University of Central Florida has culminated my professional character and has allowed me to create networks that would have been impossible to attain without this school. The professors that I personally would like to thank for my experience are: Vladimir Gatchev, Richard Curcio, Joshua Harris, James Gilkeson, and Gary Nichols.

I will do my best to uphold the reputation of UCF as an alumni.

Every professor teaches to receive notes like this. It is why we do what we do.

As for our new alum, I’m betting Tu Le is going to do great things.

Happy Holidays Everyone. #gratitude


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