Relentless Persistence

What do Best Buy, Jesse Wolfe, the Ohio State Buckeyes, Daniel Grewal, the Zombies on The Walking Dead, Julian Hidalgo, Mayim Bialik and First Aid Strategy (with Hailey Royal) all have in common?

They are all winners this year thanks to their relentless persistence. (I’m betting on the Zombies from The Walking Dead. In addition to relentless persistence, they appear to have the numbers.)

Relentless persistence is why we have a failure competition. Relentless persistence is the essence of every entrepreneur. It is how you win with a third string quarterback, how a successful strategy gets implemented, how Amy Farrah Fowler lands Sheldon and how you manage to connect with busy people (right Daniel?).

If I could give one gift to all our Knights graduating Saturday, it would be relentless persistence.

Are you listening Alex?


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