Risky Business II

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a sequel to Risky Business.  Perhaps Tom Cruise was just too busy?   Maybe Lana just lost interest in Joel?  I fear college taught Joel to play it safe, too safe for a blockbuster sequel.

Undaunted, our College of Business Ambassadors have decided there should be a sequel to my Risky Business blog post from a while back (you can read that by clicking here).  So this week from Tuesday through Thursday, they will be encouraging students to write about a risk they want to take while at UCF — a risk that they believe will help “get them to the one”.  And to showcase this exercise in risk-taking, the Ambassadors are going to have you all do it on the glass front of the Office of Professional Development in BA II.   That’s right: You need to leave it on the glass, complete with your name.

Maybe the opportunity to write on the career coaches’ windows will inspire you.  Maybe what you write will inspire someone else. Maybe your words will earn you a spot on our video screen in the atrium. What your participation is sure to do is drive Richard Caldwell, a former marine and our chief of “operational order,” a bit crazy. It’s okay, he needs to become a little flexible, but understand if you move from the glass to the walls, I won’t be able to save you from a man who has been trained to kill — the exercise is about encouraging smart risks people. Be bold, not reckless.



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