Dine with the Dean

One of the very first blog posts I wrote was about hosting dinner in the College. I wanted students to dine with Ron Popiel, Mel Kiper Jr. and Snooki because they had each invented entirely new careers. There were no infomercial hawkers, draft analysts, or serial reality tv stars before these pioneers. They “got to the one,” by inventing entire categories. I had lots of questions for them. I guessed students would have lots of questions for them too. (You can read that old post by clicking here.)

My offer to those celebrities still stands. In the meantime, I am inviting students to dine with me without Ron, Mel and Snooki. I know it’s not as appealing an invite, but I’m very interested in the stories students are writing while at UCF. I want to know how their experience in the College has surprised them, disappointed them, inspired them, and given them the opportunities they seek to realize their career goals. As the guy responsible for thinking about the College’s future and how to get us there, this is especially valuable information to me. For my guests, they not only get free food, but the opportunity to offer opinions that will shape the future of the place. It’s also a good time to get my advice about career goals as well as how to get the most out of your time on campus. Oh yea, and there is a photo op that will land you on the big screen in the atrium, just like the ones below.

So if you see me in the hall, get out of your comfort zone and say hello. Introduce yourself and let me know that you want to talk about your UCF experience, what you want to do with your one precious life and your plan to "get to the one". You just might get an invite to dine with me and share your story.



3 thoughts on “Dine with the Dean

  1. Students I suggest you get one of the “Golden Tickets” for Dine with the Dean. Dr. Jarley is a visionary and has plans for the College of Business that you can be a part of and help shape the future NOW! “The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last,” Willy Wonka.

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