5 Reasons YPs Should Come Back to Campus for their MBA

We have MBA programs everywhere, but only one is right off Alafaya. Why should Young Professionals (YPs) come to campus?

1. We Don’t Let Old People Inside Gemini Circle: Well we do, but generally I have to pay them. Our most seasoned MBAs are looking to improve their strategic thinking and get into the “C Suite”. They are downtown and so we hold class on Pine St. Our PMBAs are mid-career folks. They are everywhere and tend to have developed tight networks in their companies and communities. So, we go to them. YPs are still looking to build their networks and find their way. Unlike our EMBA and PMBA students, they can build their networks by going into the student union and striking up conversations with young people they don’t know (see below) without seeming creepy.

2. Campus Diversifies Your Network: I have written at least one hundred times about the importance of diversifying your professional network. It is the easiest way to learn new things and gain access to important resources. Nowhere other than perhaps the Las Vegas Strip can you find so many people of different interests and backgrounds looking to hit it big than on a university campus. Some of them even hold office hours where they sit and hope somebody shows up who wants to talk! If you can bring value to a discussion, there is no easier place to make new connections.

3. No Food Deserts: Campus is designed to meet busy young people’s lifestyle needs. You can buy food, get cash from an ATM, exercise, hang out, mail a letter and be entertained all within walking distance of your classroom. The place was built with you in mind.

4. Campus has unique assets to help build a Unique You: Universities used to boast about the number of books in their library. Now it’s about things like the Blackstone Launchpad, Bloomberg Trading Floor, and our Professional Sales Program Role Play classrooms. These are resources that can help you become an entrepreneur, investor, or better communicator. It would be unusual to find just one of these assets off-campus. We have them within yards of each other. If you haven’t yet found your professional path or need to round out your skill set, campus lets you experiment with lots of different things simultaneously.

5. Value: Because our Evening Program is on campus and uses multi-purpose facilities it is more cost effective than our other programs. It does take a little longer to complete, but YPs tend to be longer on time (most of your career is ahead of you) and shorter on cash (just starting out) than more seasoned professionals making it an appealing option.

If you haven’t been to campus or left UCF a few years ago, come take a tour. It is an amazing place. If you are a YP with only a couple of years of work experience looking to diversify your network, build unique skills and find your way to greater success, there is no better place to be than just off Alafaya Trail.

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