A Last Act of Distinction

For our about 650 graduating seniors, this is their last week as an undergraduate student. Friday is graduation. I have been preaching for almost two years now about the need for students to differentiate themselves so that when Friday comes they know how to answer the question: “why you, why you rather than one of the other 650 UCF College of Business students graduating today?”

If you are still questioning whether you have done enough to distinguish yourself while at UCF, I would suggest that you use part of your last four days with us to write a heartfelt note of thanks (or an email) to the professor who did the most for you at UCF. Let them know how much it meant to you to have them as a professor and what your plans are for the future. Then a year from now, follow up with another note telling then how you are doing.

I guarantee you, the faculty member will be impressed by the gesture, remember you, and be willing to advocate for you in the future. The road on which you are about to embark is filled with opportunities and threats. It will be clear and smooth at some points while rocky and uncertain at others. It never hurts to start the journey knowing that there are old friends and mentors who can help you along the way. So take the time to gather your forces now by thanking those who have gotten you this far. Be ready now, for Friday awaits.

Good luck to you young Knights. The faculty and staff of the College of Business know you are ready, that all of our futures are intertwined and that you will do great things. Fortune, it is said, favors the bold. Charge On!


3 thoughts on “A Last Act of Distinction

  1. Excellent idea. Also want to say, Many thanks to many Professors at UCF for their dedication and guidance during my College career! This “older student” was nervous among the young College “kids” but felt welcome and encouraged every step of the journey. I will walk proudly on Friday morning – Go Knights!

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