Study Abroad

In a news story last week published by the Central Florida Future, headlined: “College of Business Administration suspends study abroad program” – readers may have been left with the idea that study abroad is unavailable or that the college has eliminated it all together: Neither of those is true.

In the course of reorganizing student services and creating our Office for Professional Development, we found that there were some issues and inconsistencies in our study abroad program that need to be addressed. Most importantly, there have been cases where some students have not had sufficient courses available to them upon their arrival at our study abroad partner to meet their academic needs. So we have suspended the CBA program to new applicants and are working on making the necessary adjustments. Study abroad is a life-changing experience for many students that we are committed to offering to CBA students. We hope to have at least some program fixes in place by fall semester and the return of a more robust program by Spring 2015.

If you were already approved for a study abroad experience, we are honoring those approvals. If you have not applied for such an experience and wish to enroll in a study abroad program over the summer or early fall, we would suggest that you enroll in a program at another SUS institution (e.g., UF, FSU). As long as you take courses during your study abroad experience that are part of the statewide common course numbering system, you can then transfer those credits back to UCF. If you have any questions about this, please contact Dr. Ellis at


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