Successfully Navigating Our Professional Development Center

As we continue to roll out our Professional Development Center, you will see our career coaches and peer advisors take on distinctly different roles. Who you will see depends on your needs.

Our new career coaches were hired to help students identify their professional aspirations and develop a plan to achieve those goals through co-curricular activities, sharpening career management skills, and effectively landing a job in their chosen field. They are focused on helping you get the most out of your time in college and successfully transitioning from school to the professional world. Think of the career coaches as “outside experts.” They know what employers are looking for–they all have experience recruiting for them. What the career coaches are not, are experts on the catalogue, it’s rules and the ins and outs of the curriculum.

It is the peer advisors that are armed with this information. Not only do they receive training on the catalogue and the application of its rules, these are students who are living the curriculum just like you. They understand not just the requirements, but what it is like to take classes in the college and the various demands professors place on students. Think of them as “inside experts,” who can help you successfully navigate the degree audit and graduate on time.

It is also important to understand that neither the career coaches or the peer advisors are authorized to waive requirements or grant course substitutions. Those decisions reside with the faculty and as such reside with the departments in consultation with our Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs. That is what the appeals process is designed to address. Know that exceptions are rare, but that on occasion a unique set of circumstances can arise that merit an exception.

We see our new Professional Development Center as a huge step forward in preparing our students for the challenges that lie ahead. By better understanding who does what in this office we hope to make your visit both satisfying and effective.


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