Better Serving Students

The office of Undergraduate Student Services announced a major restructuring this morning (January 13, 2014) and I wanted to share the information with you immediately. These personnel changes are part of the College of Business’ effort to provide more comprehensive set of services to all of our students. The transition period for the reorganization will take place over the next 30 days. 

The Undergraduate Student Services Office will soon become the Office of Professional Development. The new staff members will be professional development coaches with the responsibility to help students put together a professional development plan which includes enhanced career planning, resume development, presentation skills, writing skills and other related services. They will also continue to work with students to effectively understand and navigate the curriculum requirements.

This new service will evolve over the next two years as we strive to better equip and train students to compete and thrive in the new economy.

It’s important to understand that this does not affect registration, degree requirements, or graduation procedures, nor will there be any interruption of service to our students. It will provide new and expanded services to students in the College of Business.

We will provide continuous updates.


2 thoughts on “Better Serving Students

  1. As an employer who has been interviewing candidates, I must say you should start with fundamentals. The lack of professionalism in interviews is unbelievable. Resumes, grammar/spelling in email communications, attire, attitude, cleanliness and punctuality are all part of the fundamentals and are severely lacking. And, tell your new grads to drop the “know it all” attitude. It’s not doing them any favors.

    I hope you can use this constructive criticism in your plans.

    • Hi Guy,
      The personnel changes Dean Jarley mentions are just one piece of our plan. We are developing coursework and securing employer partnerships that will focus on addressing those issues. If you would like to contribute to these efforts, shoot me an email at: I’ll be happy to get you involved!

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