Tell Me Who You Have Changed?

Today is the UCF Starter Riot. If you read my blog Monday, you know what I am talking about.

It’s important to know why we are so committed to creating events that help us build a culture that stresses engagement, smart risk-taking and getting out of your comfort zone. This week I saw a timely post from Seth Godin that captures the essence of what we hope to achieve when we focus on this very challenging idea.

“One reason it’s so difficult to teach entrepreneurship is that we’re not teaching tactics or skills. We’re not teaching spreadsheets or finance or even marketing. No, when we encourage entrepreneurship, we’re actually trying to get people to the place where they care enough and where they are confident enough to stand up and try to make things change.

Don’t tell me what you invented. Tell me about who you changed.”

This is the seed of a successful riot…..

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