When Faculty Members Dream


One thought on “When Faculty Members Dream

  1. I Wish I would have had the opportunity to attend the Blackstone LaunchPad event and the cutting of the ribbon! The speeches from the various University faculty educators, leaders, and innovators, from what seemed to be composed of various leaders from across the state of Florida. The short video clip of the event was inspiring to me. I think the Blackstone LaunchPad deserves the integrity and value Dr. Ford and many others obviously believe and are determined to instill this in to this new initiative, which I feel assured that this will be accomplished. My personal thought about the new entrepreneurial initiative is that I think it can potentially serve the incredibly intellectual individuals, at the University of Central Florida as well as the whole state of Florida, and I believe it will. Just my thoughts from a student’s perspective. After watching the video and having listened to Dr. Cameron Ford speak about the initiative he was leading and contributing to over the years i.e. the Blackstone LaunchPad, and how he was attempting to accomplish his goal of hosting and planning the “grand opening” event. I believe he did this to help the students(myself and others) to understand his experiences through the various project planning Dr. Ford has experience with, and I want to assure him that I am definitely heeding his advice. Nonetheless, I look forward to observing and hopefully participating in the success’ of this new, creative initiative that approaches the current entrepreneurial shortcomings in the State of Florida in what I believe will provide a positive outcome overall for the State of Florida, economic activity, students across the state, and a large demographic of people overall.


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