And the Winner of Our Celebrating Failure Competition Is!

Student Name: Cary E Caldwell

I was working for a high volume Foreclosure and Bankruptcy law firm in 2007 as a legal assistant while maintaining a full schedule of classes. At 21 I was getting burned out since our company was downsizing and placing the file load unto me. I was doing 3 peoples jobs and was working for a very hard boss who would ask me to skip classes in order to meet deadlines.

Well one evening after a very tough day of work and school I went on my Myspace account (this is 2007 mind you) and blogged about my boss and the horrible experience I was having. Not realizing that someone in my office was one of my “friends” and had forwarded the not so nice blog to my manager.

The next day I received an email stating that I was to clean up my desk and leave my ID badge at the admin’s desk. I was devastated. I moved from my home in Florida to this Dallas, TX firm and had no real family and friends that I could rely on to get me through my schooling. So I quit college and packed up to my mother’s house. I went online and found an insurance job in Connecticut and decided I would not return to academia. After about 3 years of being the low man on the totem pole, I realized that I needed to go back to school and have a balanced work/life experience. So here I am very grateful for everything I’ve learned so far to better myself and excited about getting back to the corporate world.

Instructor’s Comments: It shows that failing to be vigilant in all aspects of your life can cost you. Particularly relevant because of social media’s increasing impact on our students and their work prospects.

2 thoughts on “And the Winner of Our Celebrating Failure Competition Is!

  1. Thank you so much for allowing my story to have the ability to be recognized. The competition was fierce and I have to say that the other 3 candidates stories were amazing, especially Taryn Watts photography store. As Dean Jarley states: “failure is the doorway to greatness, we just aren’t comfortable with that idea.” I’m glad I learned from my mistake and will never be insubordinate again to a manager or a peer. The challenges we face as adults are numerous and you can’t be afraid to fail, just learn from it and move on in the right direction whatever that may be. That’s my take away from this all. Good luck to you all in the future and thank you again.

    -Cary Caldwell

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