Announcing the Lee Business School

This is a landmark day in the history of the College of Business at UNLV.  Today we take the first step to becoming the Lee Business School (LBS).  The name change will require Board of Regents approval and is in recognition of a generous gift from Doris and Ted Lee.

Mr. Lee created the Urban Land Company, which he manages with his wife Doris and two sons.  The firm, based in San Francisco and Las Vegas, has 50-plus properties, including casinos, hotels, restaurants, auto dealers, apartments, offices, and warehouses. Both Doris and Ted benefited from world class educations and they want UNLV students to have the same opportunity they did.

A great education does three things for you: (1) It provides you with “aha moments,” times when a faculty member, who is a thought-leader in their field, changes how you think and see the world; (2) it helps you make good choices about your career and your life by providing you with access to role models—successful people who will mentor you along the way; and (3) it gives you the confidence to know that you can compete with anyone by creating experiences that require you to constantly test and refine your skills and abilities.

The generous gift by Doris and Ted Lee provides 10 professorships that will help us recruit young, high-impact faculty to LBS—people who will provide many “aha moments” for students. The gift includes money to fund speaker series and short courses where students can interact with unusually successful people and it provides scholarship dollars to attract talented students who aspire to compete at the highest levels.

On behalf of our almost 4,000 students and 100 faculty and staff who will carry the Lee name, I say:  “Thank you.  We will carry the Lee name proudly.”


4 thoughts on “Announcing the Lee Business School

  1. Thank you for your generosity… things have been so tough in my home state and for UNLV now it is time for things to look up..

    • Connie:

      It is a very generous gift and a strong signal that people in the business community understand the value of a strong business school. What makes it even more valuable is that the Lee’s are such warm and sincere people….we shall work hard to make them proud.

      Dean Jarley

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